Fraser’s Hill Haunts – The Birth of ShadowTrails

Well, for those not in the know, i’ve just had a book out. It’s not a travel book, but I sort of travel-related. Published by Marshall Cavendish, it’s called Fraser’s Hill Haunts.

Here’s the promotional write-up:

Fraser’s Hill Haunts
[ISBN: 9789833845033]

Nine semi-true tales to transport you to a realm of uncertainty. In the quiet of the mountains, restless souls await a chance for mischief, or a way to fee themselves from this plane. From a battered transistor, the spirit of a WWII soldier forces a young vacationer to bring death to his friends. A multi-millionaire patriarch with ugly family secrets creates a maelstrom of mystery surrounding a hillside golf course. And history repeats itself when a trio of visitors learn a local legend tied to a hillside lake that revolves around a scorned woman.

There’s more, of course. There’s even an extra story which didn’t make it the book, based on a certain old bungalow which was a place British soldiers went to recover during the Second World War.

The book signing/meet the author session took place on October 28th at Borders, the Curve. It was pretty good, and support was fantastic!! And I got to meet with the Get Spooked veterans as well, which was fun.

Anyway, here’s an FAQ:

Why Fraser’s Hill?
It’s an important place to me. I spent a lot of time there as a child, with my family and with my cousins. A few years ago, I went up again, and it was a very special experience, because I saw it through adult eyes. The place is quiet, and there’s not much to do, but some people spend most of their lives up there. This is my ode to the hill station.

Why horror?
Those who know me, would know that horror is my genre. I began reading fairy tales when I was young, moved on to horror/fantasy (but not sci-fi), then adult horror. Besides that, I tried to make other elements important to the stories, things like family relations, spirituality, issues on suicide, murder, the evil in mankind, other issues which have little or nothing to do with ghosties and goulies.

Why ‘ShadowTrails’?
Some people have balked, some people have sniffed, some people have said “that’s not scary”, some have said “that’s not a name”. Here’s what I have to say. It was originally meant to be Trail Of A Shadow. Of course, that was seen as much less a name than ShadowTrails. I personally cannot understand this. Anything can be a name. It’s only not a name if your mind doesn’t accept it as such. If this is the case, the limitation is not mine. Secondly, what really is ‘scary’? Is ‘scary’ something which you can touch taste smell feel? Or is it something which is just beyond you? Something which slips through your fingers, just beyond your grasp? Something which trails your shadow?

How did I write the stories?
This has been a question a lot of people have asked. Answering the question literally, I wrote the stories in two batches, the initial batch hesitantly, the second batch a with a little more inspiration. I’m not going to say which fell into which batch. Some stories were inspired by fact, some by rumours, some by just throwing ideas around in my head, and then throwing them around the head of a friend. Some had outlines and some were written totally spontaneously. So their a diverse bunch.

Where can I purchase the book?
The book should be available at any large book stores in Malaysia and Singapore. For international buyers, you can purchase the book at Marshall Cavendish Malaysia’s website, click here. It should be available soon at Amazon, watch this space!

What next?
Oh, plenty!!! Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Eddy Lee, against whose mind I bounced my ideas.


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