What a journey!

My CPR is falling due very soon, which means my ACE (American Council on Exercise) PT certification will be up for renewal soon as well. I’ve done all the pre-requisite hours, just need to sort out my CPR (signed up for the renewal class in late April) and pay for the renewal for ACE.

But boy… what a journey. Trained like crazy with Rebel for so many months before actually trained as trainee instructor (for quite a number of months too!). At the same time, put in my hours of experience for personal training at Body By Design and all that hard work in building a strong foundation surely paid off.

Last year, I was the Fitness Coach at Sparta Combat Sports (which closed down – no comment) and also began leading the Bandar Utama Rebel platoon. Personal training sessions went up and interest in my offering yoga sessions also increased.

This year is a continuation, an expanding and unfolding of that journey.

Thanks for all your support! Here’s a photo of me with the new Taman Desa Rebel platoon.




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