“Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude” by Neil Pollack

I recently read this book and it was a hilarious read. Told in a humorous easy-to-read style, Pollack describes how he began his journey into yoga and from there into yoga teaching.


The anecdotes are incredibly funny throughout, and even though his wife only briefly appears, they obviously have great chemistry. For me though, his story explains a lot to me about yoga in the USA and the culture that exists there, from home-based yoga classes to the corporate yoga culture.

There are some good business ideas there as well, volunteerism and business sustainability especially. Who says that can’t work? I am glad though that what I experience here in Malaysia is nothing like that, although there are a few celebrity-type instructors out there, although nothing to the level described in the book.

Fun read! Recommended!




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