Vajrasana & Virasana Poses & the practical difference between the two.

For those who are confused…

Yoga Mala Cape Town


  • Begin by placing yourself on the hands and knees with the knees & feet together
  • Move back and sit on the heels of the feet with the hands resting on thighs or by placing the back of the right hand inside the palm of the left hand
  • Be conscious of the position of the tailbone – tuck the tailbone down by pressing the sit bones onto the heels of the feet – this will release any overarch in the lower back and straighten the back from the tailbone through to the crown of the head
  • Close the eyes and be consciously aware of the breath
  • Stay for as long as is comfortable


Counterpose / Pratikryasana:

  • Release from sitting position and bring hands to mat
  • Stretch right leg out, toes on the floor for at least 5 breaths or longer then release
  • Repeat the same…

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