Movember Yogis

I decided to participate in this Instagram competition, Movember Yogis. Firstly, growing out a mustache is a bit of a challenge. I like the look but I don’t have the patience, especially when it is scraggly and itchy and hot. Then it just gets hot (and a bit scraggly). The upkeep, like cleaning out your face often, also changes my lifestyle somewhat.tumblr_neg71pDGlH1s25v21o1_1280

Still, it is for a good cause. And it has also made me think about what asanas to use for what theme. It made my delve into my development in my asana practice. What were the challenges? What were celebrations? What brought me joy? And in addition, I have had the challenge of taking these photos myself!

Finally, it also brings awareness to Men’s Health & prostate cancer (and cancer), so it is for a good cause. Whether I win anything or not does not matter, the process (Kali!) has been important, as well as the light that shines on the process (Saraswati) that has brought wisdom (Lakshmi). It has been humbling.

My contribution for week one


So the competition looks like this:

Post one photo/video a day of you sporting a moustache while rocking some #asana! Tag your post with #MovemberYogis. Our daily themes are:

  • Mondays: STRONG
  • Tuesdays: FLEXIBLE
  • Wednesdays: BALANCED
  • Thursdays: OPEN
  • Fridays: CELEBRATED
  • Saturdays: BLESSED
  • Sundays: CLEANSED

Are you part of a Movember movement?


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