New beginnings

This year has been a year of change for many, and I am not excluded. As of November 2014, I no longer work for Rebel Boot Camp. It has been so much fun and it was such an experience working from trainee all the way up to Senior Sarge.

When I think of all the times during my time with Rebel Boot Camp, I think the following are the highlights for me:

  1. Dragging a tyre with then Senior Sarge Jason Moriarty sitting inside it, plus loaded up with sandbags
  2. Learning to enjoy running with the Rebels, especially up the hill of Robson Heights
  3. Beginning the Bandar Utama platoon on my own
  4. Working in FRIM for Gastrodome
  5. The 6 Hours in Hell experience, and watching the faces of those who successfully completed the event

There are so many moments that made the hard work so worthwhile, I cannot even begin to list all of them down. Thank you, Rebel Boot Camp, for the experience. It was wonderful. But it is time to move on to other things, and I wish all the best to the organisation and all the Rebels who made things so special.

20140607-091208-33128579.jpg20140202-223601.jpg131122-RebelMaterialise04131031-RebelHalloween02131026-RebelvMaskulin32130924-RebelBU-dmc1172340_618375711517524_290020153_oBeach exercise -8806 - Copy420590_10152771356910183_1797659341_n841190_531387216883041_178783789_ountitled-534Gastrodome @ Rebel Boot Camp 01DSC00688DSC00664DSC00604


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