Fitness: TRX Force Revisited

It’s the new year and I decided to revisit TRX Force again. I think I did this 12-week (four day workout per week) workout about three years ago and the yield was good. You got a lot of core strength and also gain a fair bit of lean muscle. Because of my plantar fasciitis and bunions, I have opted not to do the running in the programme, but interspersed this with some Jumping Jacks or regular Burpees (as opposed to TRX Burpees).


So far, I am pretty pleased with the results. Because of my yoga practice, I have perhaps been doing between two to four workouts a week (as opposed to a definite four workout per week) and the lean gains is good, the fat loss is satisfactory and my flexibility is not that much compromised.


The first two weeks set up the foundations. The exercises are pretty doable, but glancing down at Week 3, I see the exercises get much tougher. Let’s see where the 12-weeks will take us by the end of March!

The full kit

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