30 things Ashtanga Yoga & Cross Fit have in common?

Cute and true!


What do Crossfitters and Ashtangis have in common?

… Well folks, Im going to tell you!

Im currently in Mysore, India, practicing ashtanga yoga every morning. Im here for a month, so Im witnessing some familiar characteristics amongst the Ashtangi’s and its led me to make more connections to my life back home and why it seems more and more obvious that I find my self in this place, doing this yoga. (Please dotn take too seriously)


  1. You get up very early in the morning, often before sunrise to do exercise.

  2.  There are a series if exercises/postures for you to work through in your class, some of which you will work on for months or even years.

  3.  Most people in your crossfit/yoga class are lovely people who encourage you, are delighted for you when you have a breakthrough with a posture/exercise you have been working on.

  4.  You struggle to get up in the…

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