Poseidan returns!

Once upon a time, in the late 1990s (1998, to be exact), I got a music creation software called eJay. The software was so easy to use that I spent countless hours (days and months!) and I created my first collection of mixes, called Preludes & Nocturnes, inspired by Neil Gaiman (of course). And I called myself Poseidan!

The collection, although exciting for me, had not much of me aside from the arrangement as the software came with samples and all you did was lock them together like Tetris blocks. Still, I was happy and proud, and you can listen to a preview of some of the tracks here:

Not a year later, I got Rave eJay (all these were the first incarnation of the software, mind!). I really enjoyed making the next collection. The software allowed the creation of synth samples of your own and a bunch of mixes featured melodies and beats by little old me! A preview of Epiphany below:

By 2002, I bought two of the new software, Dance eJay 2 (or three) and Techno eJay. From this, two more compilations were born, Pulse and the Electronic Suites. These collections, especially Pulse, features a lot of melodies, backing melodies and rhythms and beats by me. More of them below:

Long story short, I have discovered GarageBand and begun to mess around with it and I have come up with a collection of music, including one left off from 2002 (now called The Departure (Moonlight Andantino)). Here it is:

I not only have been using the app on the Mac, but also on the iPhone and iPad! Sometimes for hours! However, because GarageBand is far more powerful than eJay, I need to slowly learn more about mixing and mastering. Expect more soon!


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