The Sun: The cost of money

My most recent outing in the Sun, which is more of a commentary than an opinion:

And yet, if one thinks about it, it’s not money we really want, but what money can get us, right? We need money to live; for necessities; and maybe one or two luxuries in a month. But at this time and in our nation, it appears that earning a living can be really hard.

And yet, we are encouraged to spend what we actually don’t have. We are constantly exposed to credit cards, loans, overdrafts and other forms of credit on a daily basis. Not content with spending all that we already have, we are invited to spend even more, impinging into our future.

For more, click here. For the pdf download, click here.

What do you think? Do you think we could have shift away from money? Would it move us away from chasing wealth and living more in the moment? Tell me your thoughts!


One comment

  1. Thanks for the read!
    I’ve seen documentaries and articles of places overseas using “local currencies”, some of these are paper vouchers or a booklet that represents as vouchers.
    There’s stories of our grandparents planting potatoes and own crops during the war days, and they would farm livestock for meat.
    We would almost definitely starve without money in present day (cannot imagine growing potato from an apartment without balcony). And barter will be a little tricky for reasons you mentioned.
    But it is my friends and my hope to shift away from the money-centric lifestyle.


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