International Yoga Day

This is super late, I know! I have been so busy and only now have a little time to blog! So anyway, Manasa Yoga School had a performance for Malaysia’s celebration for World Yoga Day, taking place on Sunday, 2 July 2017, at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, this year.

The first rehearsal I went for, and thereafter couldn’t make any more…

I was supposed to be part of the event, but because I couldn’t make all the rehearsal times, I decided to just give the performance a miss and just go down to support backstage in any way I could.

We took the new(ish) LRT down to Kuala Lumpur and reached Masjid Jamek around 8.40. This was enough time for us to reach Dataran Merdeka, as the Manasa Yoga team were set to perform at 0905 (or thereabouts). When we reached Dataran Merdeka, we were pretty amazed at the number of people sitting down in the hot morning sun, practising a little pranayama.

A partial view of the crowd on the field of Dataran Merdeka

All along the road facing the Sultan Abdul Samad building were booths and stalls. We managed to register ourselves and get ourselves some complimentary tees and soaps (the latter of which smelt so wonderful!).  I even bumped into a former trainer from Activ Studio, who has opened her own enterprise, Dhyanaa. She and her team had a booth open. You should check out her stuff!

View of the crowd from the stage

Anyway, Eddy and I were in need of finding a toilet and by the time we found one (deep in the bowels of Dataran Merdeka), it was time for us to head backstage to catch up with the good folk of Manasa.

There was a lot of excitement, both backstage and from the crowd. The fact that so many people were happy to sit in the blazing morning sun (and it was a very hot morning!) was enough to indicate their enthusiasm! In fact, I was told that many people had already left after the yoga practice, but look at how many stayed on! Amazing!

Backstage hijinks

I chatted with the Manasa bunch backstage and then the kids came on (I can’t remember where they were from, but their yoga performance was amazing!). Then the Manasa team went on and they were as amazing, if not more so than the kids! I mean, everyone on stage were above 40 years of age!

The kids in action!

I couldn’t be more proud to be part of Manasa, and that I had taken the time to go down and support them by taking photos, videos and cheering as loud as I could! Really, photos and videos don’t lend any justice to their performance, it was just one of those gotta-be-there situations!

The intro of the Manasa team’s performance

Okay… So after Manasa were bunch of Zumba kids but I was too busy snapping backstage and congratulating everyone and feeling a little guilty I wasn’t part of the performance as initially planned. But, it is what it is, I couldn’t have changed my schedule…

Group photo!

It was an awesome fun morning and I am so glad to have experienced the amazing energy! Were you there? Tell me what you thought in the comments below!






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