Bolster Yoga @ Activ Studio

We use the bolster a lot at Manasa Yoga, sometimes Iyengar Yoga based classes, and sometimes for conditioning. It is just such a versatile tool that I have one in my car for personal training clients, whether fitness or yoga.

In fact, I believe so wholeheartedly in the bolster that I insisted on showing the owner of Activ Studio how good the bolster was. After a half hour session, she was convinced that we could start a class with the bolster at Activ Studio.

So we have a Bolster Yoga class on Tuesdays, 7 pm, at Activ Studio, Bangsar. It is a mat-based class that incorporates the bolster for some restorative work, to lengthen and stretch the kinks in your body so that you can face your midweek with a sense of renewal.

Stay tuned for a launch, and a promo! Faster updates will be on Facebook’s Sportsman’s Stretch!


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