About Me

Hey! I’m a fun-loving yogi adventurer, who happens to be a writer and fitness coach (aside from being a yoga teacher too!).

I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher (RYT 200 – 135893) in Manasa Yoga, as well as n ACE-certified personal trainer (T158691). Because I felt I wanted something local, so I also have the Malaysian National Sports Council’s Sports Science level one certificate.

Phew, enough of my paper qualifications! My foray into health and fitness began after a 6-month stint selling frozen yoghurt in his teens, after which I learnt the hard way what the phrase “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” (or tummy!) really meant! Twenty years later, I decided to get certified with the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer so that he can help others get fitter and healthier.

I love fitness and physical movement so much now and I hope to share that passion with everyone, so you might get active and healthy in the best way you can. Of course, it is important to be informed in your fitness journey and I hope I can provide that equation as best as I can. And in all this, I hope to get people so immersed in their activities that they begin to experience that the body and mind are connected.

DSC00664After having been a personal trainer with Body By Design, whose clientele are mainly referred over by Global Doctors, Malaysia, and also Senior Sarge of Rebel Boot Camp, I now freelance as a personal trainer, mainly with Activ Studio in Bangsar. I have public classes for yoga at Manasa Yoga (where I am resident teacher), Aravind Yoga and Activ Studio.

My interest lies with special populations, giving talks and fitness trainings for those living with HIV and Parkinson’s and fitness, as well as have had clients with Fibromyalgia and diabetic-related neuropathy. A bunch Manasa Yoga teachers and I also share a yoga class at the Malaysian Association for the Blind. Now, I am trying to see how yoga can help one overcome trauma.

You can contact me at fitcoachmy at gmail dot com.


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