While I love group outdoor training, sometimes nothing beats helping an individual one-to-one or in a small group. There are many reasons why you might want to consider one-to-one or small group training, read some of those reasons here.

For some of you, personal training and small group training (eight or less) might work better. These are some of the areas I deal in:

  1. General fitness
  2. Weight loss / muscle gain
  3. Special populations – I have helped to train a small group of people living HIV, my clients include those severely overweight, diabetic, living with neuropathy, senior citizens, just to name a few groups.
  4. Stretching and yoga-related activities – Since yoga is on the cards for me this year, I have also expanded my one-to-one training and small group to include purely stretching classes
  5. EMS Training – EMS or Electro Muscular Stimulation is a full body exercise training, using electrical current (much like physiotherapy) to enhance results. The method reaches deeper muscle layers which are hard to activate during conventional training. For more on EMS, click here.



Learn more by contacting me at fitcoachmy at gmail dot com


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