Sun Column

I began a column in the Sun newspaper in 2006. It began discussing my thoughts on employment and work.

Why work? Well, everyone inevitably talks about work. During dinner, in the gym, over the weekend, the mind wonders over to the all-enveloping job. Contentious co-workers and superiors (or subordinates), office politics, office sex, office love triangles, ever-looming deadlines, bonuses, promotions, it sneaks into your head and messes with your leisure time.In fact, for some of us, there is no such thing as leisure time. Laptops, blackberries and mobile phones make work so portable, you can do it anywhere. What’s more, bosses expect the work to be done when they hand out the notebooks and wifi-enabled mobile devices.  Some of us live and breathe our job, some of us know how to separate work from leisure. Good for them!  So that’s why work.

In 2007 though, I realised there is so much more to write about work and employment. There is the matter of the rising inflation and the stagnant rate of wages. There is the issue of employers abusing their positions and exploiting workers, and the many ways they choose to do this. There is the issue of creating a better work environment for Malaysia, especially since we want to be competitive on an international level.

I moved away from employment and work to corporate social responsibility (CSR) around 2009, and now the column discusses employment, education, CSR as well as fitness. Currently, I write twice a month with the Sun, exploring a slew of these issues, as well as anything that grabs my interest.

Here’s the archive for the print column.