Aside from writing and fitness, I also am a yoga instructor. In fact, I would say this is my biggest passion. I currently teach Rebel Yoga Stretch class (0700 Subang) and Anytime Fitness Basic Yoga (2020 Friday), as well as private sessions for corporates and also for the Malaysian Association of the Blind (in rotation with a few other yoga teachers).

I began yoga practice in 2006, beginning a slow introduction through Les Mills’ Body Balance, then promoting myself to yoga classes in the franchise gym of which I was a member. From there, my passion grew until I decided to go for a three-month course with the Malaysian Yoga Franchise.

Rebel Yoga Stretch!
Rebel Yoga Stretch!

Those classes were fantastic. With a little bit of Patanjali philosophy (I did not know it was Patanjali philosophy at that time) and about a two and a half hour asana class, every session made me feel so much more rejuvenated than the session before. Unfortunately, due to logistics and restrictions, I had to stop the course and up to now have not continued on.

I dropped into my yoga classes at the gym, however, sometimes more faithfully than at other times. However, due a change of schedules, my two favourite yoga teachers had to leave and that left me at a loss. My love for the practice did not change, however, and I still tried to practice once or twice a week.

Wyn Nie & I at the Runners’ Yoga demo for the MWM 2014

It wasn’t until the first Malaysian Yoga Festival that I discovered how much I loved yoga through Deepak Kumar‘s sessions. They were between two to three hour long sessions and they were fantastic. I dropped into the moment, that moment of pure bliss. Words cannot describe. It was then that I decided I would love to teach yoga, and would take a teacher training course with Deep if I could.

In the end, however, I took up the teacher training course with Manasa Yoga. The decision came about from my attending a Natarajasana workshop. The philosophy expounded by Guru Manoj Khaimal moved me, and made me reflect for months after. So much so that I took up a monthly membership with Manasa and realised the rich philosophy and asanas Manoj could teach me was what I sought.

Runners’ Yoga session for Kia Kaha 2013

It was not easy telling Deep that I had chosen another school to take my teacher training but he accepted it with grace. I then began my teacher training with Manoj and the incredibly supportive team of teachers at Manasa and graduated last year. It was an incredibly auspicious event.

Even though I graduated last year, I had been teaching yoga for at least a year before that, relying on my own practice and knowledge of fitness. I taught with Sparta Muay Thai and two separate corporate groups. For all that, I am grateful.

Look forward to seeing you in any of my classes! For any enquiries, email namasteadventures at gmail dot com



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